Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Seasons (Cycles of Life)

Posted by Life Explorer at 6:11 PM
Written by David Stewart & Alan Baker
Illustrated by David Salariya

ISBN: 978-0531148440
Watch as the seasons come and go, bringing change to the countryside - from the new leaves, flowers, and baby animals of spring to the leafless trees and cold of winter.Beautifully detailed time-lapse illustrations by Alan Baker show the cycle of the seasons using a unique split-page format.
My Comment:
My Uncle gave this book to me for gift when I was a kid. I thought I still feel interested in it. The Earth is such as a magician who can change color of each season because of the Earth around sun. Follow this book first you are going to know how trees change in each season and lifestyle of various animals even plants. I love illustration of this book. It is cute and vivid for me. Kids can step by step know what happened in different seasons easily. The special part is unique split-page format. I hope you will love it too! Enjoy reading and fun.

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dia327 on October 15, 2010 at 12:53 PM said...

This book is highly recommended to preschoolers who are learning the different seasons. My little boy learned his seasons with this book. He loves the illustrations that comes with it. He learned lots of animals and plants in this book. I will highly recommend to parents with little kids. I like your blog and very helpful to people who did not read those books that you are reviewing. Excellent job. I will be following your blog because I am on the process of writing a children books.

Anonymous said...

This book takes us through the four seasons.It's a nice introduction to the seasons for my pre-school grandson.

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