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How Science Works (How it works)

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Written by Judith Hann
Chapter 1 show us how to make rocket and introduce so many things about SPACE. How the power of rocket or spacecraft comes from and how to live in SPACE etc. Make me so excited!

Chapter 2 introduce how the air and fuel inside a diesel engine heat up as the are squashed.

Chapter 2 show us how to make car with paper.

Chapter 4 show us how to make boat with recycled bottle.

Chapter 3 introduce how the power of sail-boat comes from.

Chapter 4 show us how to make airplane.

Chapter 5 show us how to make CRANE.

ISBN: 978-0751308327
A hands-on introduction to the world of science for all the family. Packed with experiments and fun projects using safe, readily available ingredients from around the home.
My Comment:
This book introduces the younger reader to the science principles behind working machines. See how cranes lift, tractors pull, ships float, planes fly, and much, much more. Test each principle by building a model car with working parts, a crane that lifts, a glider that flies, powered boats, and a rocket that really takes off.
I bought it long time ago. This weekend I had to go to my brother's house to help him look after my nephew and some kids. So I found it and read it again. They always have outside activities. I thought they could have different activities because of me. This book can inspire them to learn new things and know how things which are in our life work. I was happy they were quite excited with me. I just showed them and explain some intresting stuff. And more important thing is let them make their own paper car and airplane. They did nice job as well. It was a happy weekend for us!

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Anonymous said...

My son loved it. He is really into science things.

Mesothelioma Information on November 4, 2010 at 12:19 PM said...

My sis also love this book too!

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