Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Big Field (Book Trailer)

Posted by Life Explorer at 9:57 PM
The Big Field is a lovely new picture book for all children and an important addition to resources for the Early Years curriculum. Patterned after books of hours, it is a month-by-month account of life on a farm at the edge of the Atlantic Rainforest in South America. Birds, flowers, butterflies, and bugs abound in a warm and gentle story of three young children living on their grandmothers farm and learning from her the seasonal changes and simple activities that often mirror those of children in the northern hemisphere. The subtext of the grandmothers determination to reforest the big field of the title gives hope and a way forward to young children as they learn about nature in the modern world.

I think this book is great concept for the classroom. Let chilren know how beautiful the earth is.

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