Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bad Habits

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Bad Habits
ISBN: 9780140564518

Just what is to be done with Lucretzia Crum? Everyone has a few bad habits. But Lucretzia has all of them! She's the burping-est, spitting-est, kicking and screaming-est girl in the whole town. And worst of all, her friends think Lucretzia's the cool-est! So what can be done with such a girl? Well...with her deceptively calm mom and mad scientist dad working on a number of wacky ways to tame their wild "little monster," it seems that Lucretzia's just deserts will soon be served!
This is good books for class. It makes children realize what bad habits really are. For example, BURPING, SPITTING, FARTING, SWORE AT PARENTS etc. those are bad habits. Its illastration is also cute. I will buy one for my nephew.

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