Monday, June 13, 2011

Maisy at the Farm

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Kids will flip for this Maisy novelty book! Now reissued in its original size, with a bold new design.

From their tactile matte-and-gloss covers to the brief guidelines for parents on the back, these lift-the-flap, pull-the-tab favorites now have a whole new look -- and are sure to have instant appeal for both Maisy fans and grown-ups who love them.

Written by Lucy Cousins

I am now raising my fourth Maisy fan, and I do consider myself rather an expert on the little white mouse. This is by far our favourite Maisy book – and we do have a few! Three boys all adored her, so how could Ella do anything different? This is a ‘flap n tab’ book, and is just very very sweet. We meet all the animals on the farm, but for once the tabs don’t just reveal a new animal – they have Maisy’s tractor chugging (and convincingly scaring a bird into the air out of the corn), the bottle-fed lamb drinking it’s milk, Maisy clearing the pigpen with a shovel (yes, really!) and our personal favourite, giving the excitable geese a drink. Sadly, Ella has just loved our copy a little too much, and it is much the worse for it – this is definitely one that will have to be replaced.

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