Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oscar and the Moth

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A lively introduction to the key science concept of light and dark. Oscar is an adorably naive, googly-eyed kitten, filled with curiosity and wonder about his natural surroundings. In this fun, informative series, he meets friends who introduce him to key science concepts - this time, light and dark. The perfect starting place for young children to begin learning about the way the world around us works. Part of a brand new series featuring Oscar, the kitten. Other titles are "Oscar and the Frog", "Oscar and the Bat" and "Oscar and the Cricket".

written by Geoff Waring

my comment:
This book is loverly book. I gives this for 4 or 5 year old kids a great introduction to some scientific ideas in a very simple way. It is beautifully illustrated and is a 'must have' if your child wants to know why things are the way they are.

They are brilliant for boys who love facts but sweet enough for girls too.

I recommend this book~

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