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Pathfinders: Earthquakes & Volcanoes

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Written by Lin Sutherland

Class for Earthquakes & Volcanoes-1(not sure using this book)

Class for Earthquakes & Volcanoes-2(not sure using this book)

Class for Earthquakes & Volcanoes-3(not sure using this book)

Class for Earthquakes & Volcanoes-4(not sure using this book)

ISBN: 978-0794402655

Because that's what's happening beneath your feet every day, even though most of the time you can't feel it. Giant plates on the surface of our planet are always afloat on the soft, hot rock of Earth's interior. Sometimes the plates grind against each other and suddenly shift position -- that's what makes an earthquake. Other times, hot rock seeps through a gap in the plates and bursts onto the surface as a volcano. You're about to learn more about Earth's amazing, shifting surface in Earthquakes and Volcanoes.

The forces that unleash earthquakes and volcanoes are among the most powerful in nature. Did you know that an earthquake can have 400 times the power of all the nuclear bombs ever exploded? Or that a single volcanic eruption can change the weather around the world? These pages offer plenty of fascinating facts to get you thinking, and that's just the start. You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at some amazing scientific discoveries in the "Inside Story" sections, or find out how to put some science to the test in the "Hands On" features. You can read up on a topic, and then jump straight to a related yet different one.

My Comment:
This is a great book for class or family if you are interested in earthquakes and/or volcanoes. The book is divided into three parts: the Dynamic Earth (dealing with the inner earth); Earthquakes; and Volcanoes. I love the vivid illustrations and photos than my nephew does. I will show you some parts of the book introducing as below.
First Part:
-Do you know how the planets in our solar system formed?
-How do some collisions between plates from volcanoes?
-Can a continent really split in half? What happens when it does?
-What happens when sections of the crust collide?
-When rock layers move in different directions, faults form. What type of fault is this?
-Did you realize that this island is the top of a volcano?
Second Part:
-Where do earthquakes begin?
-Earthquakes under the sea can create huge waves. What are they called?
-What kind of seismic wave moves the land from side to side?
-What kinds of buildings resist earthquakes best?
-Most earthquakes occur at the edges of tectonic plates. Is there an earthquake zone near you?
-Why do earthquakes occur regularly along the west coast of the United States?
-The highest mountain in Japan is also a volcano. What is it called?
Third Part:
-What kind of eruption is this?
-Did you know that volcanoes make bombs?
-Whey would you need a gas mask near a volcano?
-Which volcano spread ash around the globe in 1991?
-Why do parts of Earth spout like a boiling kettle?
-Would you recognize an ancient volcano if you saw one?
-By studying lava under a microscope, scientists can learn about Earth's interior.
-On which Pacific island did the longest flank eruption in history occur?
-How have volcanoes helped us to learn about ancient civilizations?
-Did you know that spreading along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is tearing an island apart?
-On May 18, 1980, one of the century's largest eruptions occurred in the U.S.A. What was name of the volcano?
-Did you know that you can see traces of volcanic activity on the face of the Moon?

I like to know what kind of place we live. It is not too hard to study the book. I also share the class video for you. I hope you like it and enjoy it. Good luck.

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